Why Trade with Profit Compass

Profit Compass is not only insanely profitable but also easy to use for all. On supposed profitability, this trading bot is said to have the potential to generate a ROI of up to 500% daily. That translates to up to five times the invested capital in every day of trading. A deposit of $250 can reportedly earn a profit of $1250 daily.

There are only a handful of trading apps with such a high ROI, and most of them require hefty license fees. Profit Compass is free for all, even though new registration slots are hard to come by. You need to visit the Profit Compass website now and then until you can secure a position.

Profit Compass offers both the full-auto and semi-auto trading functions. The fully-auto function involves the robot carrying out all the trading functions. With the fully-auto function, your roles include setting up the robot for trading and harvesting/reinvesting profits.

The semi-auto function, on the other hand, allows expert traders some level of control into the type of signals that are implemented into their accounts. This option is best suited for expert traders. However, Profit Compass fully-auto function is said to beat the semi-auto function and is therefore recommended for all.

Below is a step by step guide to signing up and trading with Profit Compass.

STEP ONE: Register a trading account

Visit Profit Compass website and create a free account using the provided registration form. Agree to the robot’s terms and click the proceed button. You will be prompted to secure your account through a strong password and to verify your email and phone number.

The verification process is self-explanatory and takes less than 2 minutes. After verification, you will be matched with a partner local broker and be redirected to their page for ID verification and deposit.

ID Verification is an important safety measure, and hence you should embrace it. You need to deposit at least USD 250 to trade with Profit Compass.

STEP TWO: Deposit at least USD 250

Fund your trading account through the partner broker. Profit Compass robot brokers accept funding through debit/credit cards, bank transfer, or some e-wallet.

The deposits are free and are facilitate instantly. Please note that only verified Profit Compass accounts can withdraw. The withdrawals are also free of charge and facilitate within a few hours.

Profit Compass brokers adopt the ECN trading model and therefore offer tight spreads starting from as low as zero pips. The trading fees are included in the 3% commission on profits, and hence you do not need to worry about them.

STEP THREE: Read trading guide and practice on a demo

Profit Compass offers a myriad of trading tools to help you prepare before going live. These include a fully intuitive demo and a trading manual.

The demo is a copycat of the live platform and hence provides a real experience of live trading. Profit Compass trading guide is explained in layman’s terms, and hence complete beginners can follow it easily.

We find it helpful to commit at least an hour to trading preparation before starting live trading. Profit Compass offers a dedicated account manager to walk with users through the first steps of trading.

STEP FOUR: Live Trading

As stated above, live trading is easy if you invest enough time in preparation. You do not have to disrupt your daily schedule to trade with this robot since it trades automatically.

The only things you need to do is set up trading conditions as directed in the trading guide and toggle the live trading button. Profit Compass will automatically do the rest for you. Ensure that you end trading at the close of business each day and withdraw or reinvested the supposed profits.

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