Forex trading loans and commercial loans can come from forex traders, investors/individuals, corporations, financial bodies, forex banks and the government. These loan parties provide a medium to increase the overall money supply in an economy, expand forex business operations and opens up financial competitions. The interest and fees generated from forex trading loans are seen as primary sources of revenue and income for the above listed loan participants.

These forex trading loan participants are companies affianced with businesses that deal with financial transactions like deposits, loans, currency exchange and investments. Forex trading loan participants are in the likes of banks, trust companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms and investment dealers. Forex banks provide the most universally recognized and frequently used monetary services, provides savings accounts, offers certificated of deposit, home mortgages and other types of loans for a large number of forex traders by means of credit cards, transfers and currency exchange. Forex banks facilitate monetary transactions among forex traders.

Investment banks provide forex trading loans by facilitating forex trading operations such as capital expenditure, financing and equity offerings. These forex trading loans offered by investment banks also comes in form of brokerage services for forex traders and investors. They also act as forex market makers for trading forex.

Insurance companies are non-bank financial institutions that provide forex trading loans in form of insurance for forex traders. It also offers protection of accepts and protection against monetary risk as a form of forex trading loan secured through insurance products.

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