What is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank is a computer program that automatically trades Bitcoin on behalf of users. The best thing about trading with this robot is that you do not need any experience to use it.

Moreover, it’s supposedly more accurate than the world best human trader. Users can reportedly generate profits of up to 400% daily. With an investment of 250 USD, Bitcoin Bank can allegedly help you generate up to 1000 USD daily.

We have come across reviews alleging that it is possible to compound a deposit of 250 USD to over 1 million USD in about a year of trading. Using a compounding calculator and reading some reports, it appears that some investors claim it is possible to earn the alleged profits when at least 70% of earnings are ploughed back.

Bitcoin Bank was founded by a veteran Wall Street trader and a team of engineers from MIT. The robot allegedly applies the same trading approach used by top institutional investors. These include techniques such as High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and scalping.

HFT involves sophisticated computer programs transacting a large number of orders in a split of a second. Scalping is a day trading strategy that involves making small profits on a frequent basis by exploiting price volatility.

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