What Else Should You Consider When Getting a Bitcoin Debit Card?

When getting a bitcoin debit card there are other things to consider:

  • Spending your bitcoin will reduce any profit you could make from it if bitcoin rises in value (although, of course, it also releases your profit should bitcoin lose value).
  • Additional benefits vary depending on the card provider. Some more desirable options include additional extras such as free Netflix subscriptions and cash-back options.
  • Different cards have different limits on cash withdrawals and spending limits. Check to make sure the card and provider you have chosen is suitable for your needs.
  • Some bitcoin users wish to be anonymous but you will need your ID to register for an account or debit card. The requirements vary by provider but, if anonymity is crucial to you, check before you sign up.
  • If you use multiple cryptocurrencies and wish to only operate one cryptocurrency debit card, check in advance that the card/provider you have chosen supports all your chosen cryptocurrencies.
  • You should also check that your chosen provider actually serves in your home country and that the provider is well-funded and reputable (not a scam).
  • Do you want to use an app to monitor your account? This may dictate which company you choose.

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