What Are the Different Types of Bitcoin Debit Card?

There are two different options for bitcoin debit cards – virtual cards and plastic/physical cards.

When considering which option is better for you, think about your current spending habits and patterns.

Virtual Card

If you are more likely to only want to spend your bitcoin online, a virtual card is the better choice.

You can add your virtual card to your smartphone or computer wallet and use the card to pay for online purchases.

Virtual cards are usually the cheaper option for a bitcoin debit card.

Note: for obvious reasons you cannot use a virtual card to withdraw cash.

Plastic Card

If, however, you mainly want to use your bitcoin debit card to complete physical transactions, you will want to consider the plastic, or physical, card option which comes with a chip and pin.

You should also opt for the plastic card if you want to withdraw cash from an ATM.

As you would expect, it is usually a more expensive option to have a physical card.

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