Using shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a quick and easy way to perform tasks. By using shortcuts, you can have faster access to tools – saving plenty of time in the long run. You can remove redundant information and functionalities, and most importantly increase your charting space.
The following keyboard shortcuts can help to navigate your way around the platform easier:

TerminalControl+TThis is the main window you use while trading – manage open orders, view account history and set alerts
NavigatorControl+NAdd Indicators, Expert Advisors and log in
Market WatchControl+MView available instruments
Data WindowControl+DView all data for the product currently in the chart window

You can use the following shortcuts when analysing and trading, which can greatly improve the process speed of your trading:

+Zoom in
Zoom out
Control+DragCopy objects
Alt+DragExtend objects
Alt+TOne-click trading
HotkeysUser-defined shortcuts

These are the shortcuts for the more visual aspects of your charts:

F8Edit chart graphics
F9Order panel
F11Full screen chart
Alt+1Bar charts
Alt+2Candlestick charts
Alt+3Line charts

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