To open a new chart, go to the Navigator window, right-click in a currency pair, then click in chart window:

MT4 How to Open Chart

A new chart will be displayed in the Chart Workspace:

MT4 Maximize Chart

You can maximize the Chart window if you would like to focus on a single currency pair. Moreover, you can switch between different instruments windows using the tabs below:

MT4 Switch Charts

To visualize all your Charts in a single view, right-click in any tab and select Tile Windows (or press Alt+R):

MT4 Tile Windows

Also, it can be handy to focus your analysis in some specific regions or candles in a chart. You can use the zoom in and out buttons that you will find in the Charts Toolbar:

MT4 Zoom in and out


In addition, you can switch between different types of charts by clicking one of the following buttons:

  • Bar chart MT4 bar chart button
  • Candlesticks MT4 candlestick button
  • Line chart MT4 line chart button

If you would like to get the price or volume information for a specific period, hover the mouse over the chart:

MT4 Chart Info

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