MetaTrader 4 templates allow you to save time by storing a determined chart setup configuration.

Let’s assume that you liked the following chart configuration and color scheme, to save it as the template, all you need to do is to right-click it and select the save template option:

MT4 Saving a Template

After that, you will get the following window where you can name and save your template:

MT4 Saving a Template 2

Furthermore, you can upload your favorite template into a new chart, by right-clicking and selecting load template as follows:

MT4 Uploading a Template

Then, you will need to select the template file and click the open button:

MT4 Uploading a Template 2

Pro tip: you can create a Default MetaTrader 4 template so it is loaded every time that you open a new chart, just save your favorite template with the file name “Default.tpl” and that will do the magic.

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