TaxSlayer was initially designed for tax professionals, then it branched out to help individuals prepare their personal returns in the 1990s. It’s 100% web-based, so you can access it from just about any device.

The neat thing about TaxSlayer is its “Quick File” option that’s particularly efficient. This should particularly appeal to users who cringe at the idea of spending hours inputting their tax information in a sequential order that’s dictated by the program. It’s cued by simply typing in a keyword rather than hunting through lists of links.

The cost is incredibly reasonable, too, ranging from free for the most basic returns to $17 for the Classic edition, $37 for the Premium edition, and $47 for the Self-Employed edition.7

The Classic and Premium editions are pretty similar, but Premium has better support options. State returns are extra, and these prices might creep upward as tax filing season gears up. 

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