TaxAct Premium

TaxAct offers fewer bells and whistles, but it is equipped to handle returns that include self-employment and investment income. It also has a nice feature called Life Events which zeros in on potential changes in your tax situation from last year to this one. The web-based program offers 19 icons relating to situations that might currently apply to you. Maybe you bought a home, or you got married or had a baby. You can click on the corresponding link for extra tips, information, and guidance, although the program won’t incorporate the information into your tax return for you. That part is up to you.

TaxAct offers live customer support, as well as hyperlinked words and phrases that provide explanations and more information. It also has an extremely comprehensive TaxTutor Guidance Center. The Deluxe version will run you $29.95 as of 2020 for a federal but not a state return, and TaxAct offers a free version for simple tax situations as well.

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