Regulation for Ethereum trading

Buying and selling Ethereum in India and Singapore may differ from buying and selling Ethereum in Australia and the Philippines. It’s primarily about regulation. Crypto coins become vulnerable to big hits when countries and businesses urgently respond to growing markets. For example, in September 2017, the Chinese government announced a ban on the collection of funds for crypto projects through initial coin offerings (ICOs). As a result, Ether trading fell 23%.

Despite the ban on ICOs in China and South Korea, ether trade continues to increase in Malaysia, South Africa, the UAE, the UK, and Europe. Japan is playing an important role in this revival. Resellers, airlines, and hotels have started using cryptocurrency as a payment method. No other region on Earth is close to adopting cryptocurrency like Japan.

So, before you buy Ethereum in Canada, Dubai, or anywhere else, you’ll find out what is happening in the country and how it plans to regulate virtual currency. Otherwise, you may be in an expensive situation.

When you get a green light, take a look at specialized trading platforms. For example, some Ethereum markets and platforms in India are optimized for Ether trading. If you want to make Ethereum your main trading choice, you can find a custom platform that offers faster speeds and more competitive spreads.

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