Opening and Exporting a Chart on MT4

Perhaps the simplest MetaTrader (MT4) tips are the obvious ones. As charts are the bread and butter of every technical analyst, knowing how to use them is essential.

To open a chart, multiple possibilities exist:

  • open the Market Watch (CTRL+M) to see all the markets offered by the brokerage house; to make sure everything is there, right click on any currency pair and select the “Show All” option, to reveal all tradable instruments available; right-click on any currency pair and choose the Chart Window option
  • just click and drag a currency pair over an already open chart, and the MT4 platform will change it automatically
  • the third option is to use the main menu following the File/New Chart path

The 1h is the default timeframe, but that can be easily changed from the shortcut menu on the MT4 platform.

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