Once you have placed an order, there might be situations in which you would like to change it. For instance, you realized that your Take Profit was incorrectly placed or you would like to modify your Stop Loss.

Therefore, learning to modify open orders becomes very handy to have flexibility in your trading and adapt to new market conditions or unexpected scenarios. To modify an order, go to the trade tab in the terminal window, locate the open order that would like to change, right-click it and select “Modify or delete order”:

How to modify a MT4 order

After that, you will get the following window, where you can adjust your Take Profit and Stop Loss levels either by entering the values directly or by using the “copy as” buttons:

How to modify a MT4 order 2

Then, click the Modify button to make the change effective. As a result, you should get a confirmation message.

How to modify a MT4 order 3

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