Litecoin Trading – FAQ

How do I start trading Litecoin?

To start trading Litecoin you’ll need to find a reputable broker and open an account. It’s also advisable to research the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and the different ways you can trade Litecoin. Our guide should furnish you with enough information to start exploring your options. 

Is it safe to trade Litecoin?

The appeal of cryptocurrency as an asset is just how secure it is – it’s the very nature of blockchain technology. However, it’s important to ensure you use a regulated broker or exchange service, like eToro. Look for licensing from trusted authorities such as FCA, ASIC, and CySEC.

Can I trade Litecoin with leverage?

It is possible to trade Litecoin with leverage, but your options will depend on where you are based. European financial regulations allow the trading of cryptocurrency CFDs with a leverage of 1:2. However, stricter American financial rules mean that US traders will not have the option to trade with leverage. 

How do I find a broker to trade Litecoin?

There are thousands of brokers offering cryptocurrency trading and choosing the right one will depend on a few factors – including your trading goals and existing experience. Fortunately, many brokers will allow you to open a demo account before committing any funds. When browsing the different platforms, make sure any ones you consider are fully regulated by a reputable financial authority. 

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