Is Bitcoin Union Legit?

Whenever a new platform like this arises, questions about its legitimacy are bound to arise. No wonder, several articles about a “Bitcoin Union scam” are floating around.

The Bitcoin Union website claims to have an accuracy of 99.4% and to allow its members to make unbelievable profits. According to various Bitcoin Union reviews and testimonials available online, users have claimed to make a minimum of 1100$ daily with the app.

However, this amount seems to be slightly exaggerated. Remember that when it comes to trading, we cannot guarantee profits.

Experience is also a factor –  experienced crypto players can get a better result by tweaking the trading settings on the software.

The website, however appears to be legit and this robot does partner with regulated brokers. Therefore, it seems that the site is legit, but new users are advised to keep their investments to a minimum of 250$ and make regular withdrawals to avoid loss of capital.

To make up your mind about this software, you can simply create an account on the website and decide for yourself.

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