Immediate Edge in the news

Immediate Edge in the news

The Immediate edge app is a highly popular auto-trading system with operations in over 164 countries. Our trading system has over twenty thousand reviews on independent consumer platforms. There are also over 15 Immediate Edge Reddit threads, with most having over a thousand comments.

Immediate Edge is also featured in most high-traffic websites and mainstream programs in the UK, Australia, and Asia. And like any viral subject, we have also received a fair share of gossip and fake news.

  • Immediate Edge in This Morning show – This Morning is a British showbiz news TV program aired on ITV. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield host the show. We do not market our trading system through celebrity TV shows.
  • Ben Yeo and Immediate Edge – A rumour mostly targeting Immediate Edge Singapore alleges that Ben Yeo has invested in the platform. Ben Yeo is a Singaporean actor and TV host. We haven’t received any endorsements from this celebrity.
  • Mukesh Ambani and Immediate Edge – Ambani is a big fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The rumours that he has invested with us are false.

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