How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Fortress

How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Fortress

You can create a trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Fortress in less than 20 minutes. However, we suggest that you take the time to go through the trading instructions carefully.

The more you prepare, the easier it will be to run the robot. Bitcoin Fortress is entirely auto, and hence there is no reason to quit your day job to operate it. The robot works for you as you continue with your daily activities.

As stated above, you can trade with Bitcoin Fortress from anywhere across the globe. However, new accounts are offered on a lottery basis, and hence you must keep trying your luck by visiting their website regularly.

Do not hesitate to register when a slot is available since it may be impossible to get another opportunity in the future. Follow the steps as explained below to get started with Bitcoin Fortress.


Visit Bitcoin Fortress here and create a free account using the provided form. Submit your name as it appears on your government-issued ID and your best phone number and email. Bitcoin Fortress requires multi-factor authentication for all accounts, and hence you should give your best email and phone number.

You will be redirected to a partner broker’s page where you will need to verify your identity through an ID check. The ID check measure is part of KYC regulatory policies meant to prevent money laundering and other types of financial crime.


As stated earlier, deposits happen through the broker. We have checked all Bitcoin Fortress partner brokers, and they seem legit.

A legit broker should have adequate regulation and great reviews from users. Moreover, they must operate in full transparency and allow users to withdraw funds with little restrictions and delays. They should also have clearly defined cybersecurity and data privacy policies in place.

Most of those who have reviewed Bitcoin Fortress brokers allege using them through this trading robot. Top-tier regulators allegedly monitor the brokers including the UK FCA, Australia’s ASIC, South African FSB, and Cyprus CySEC. These regulators have excellent ratings and are respected worldwide.

Trading education and demo

We cannot stress enough on the need to go through Bitcoin Fortress trading tutorials before going live. You should also do at least 1 hour of demo trading before moving to the live web-trader.

The demo will help you master all the trading functions of the bot and determine how various risk settings affect your account. Remember that the higher the risk per trade, the higher the potential and risk.

You should apply the risk settings based on your risk appetite. Bitcoin Fortress provides a questionnaire to help you determine your risk appetite.

Live trading

Only go to live trading after going through the trading tutorials and when comfortable with the demo account. Remember that not practising may lead to costly mistakes when on a live account.

Live trading with Bitcoin Fortress should be between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time. This is the time when BTC is highly volatile from trading activities on Wall Street. Remember that CFDs trading is highly dependent on market volatility. High volatility brings about more potential.

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