How much should I risk per trade?

Risk management is perhaps the most important part of trading success. Nobody knows what the market will do in the next day, the next hour or even the next minute. When we place a trade, it’s all about probability – we believe that our trade has a higher chance to win than to lose and pull the trigger to open the position.

The risk we take in the market is the only thing that we’ve full control over. Successful traders are well aware of this and risk only a small percentage of their total trading account on any single trade. The golden rule is not to risk more than 2% of your trading account on a trade – and as your account rises, consider even to reduce your risk-per-trade to 1%.

A good Forex trading coach should be able to explain to you the main goals of a Forex trader:

  1. Protect your capital
  2. Cut your losses
  3. Try to make a profit

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