How does Bitcoin Optimizer work?

As mentioned above Bitcoin Optimizer allegedly uses sophisticated algorithms to conduct trading research and implement the derived insights. Trading with this bot does not require any expertise or knowledge. Bitcoin Optimizer is accompanied by a guide to help users set up a trading account quickly and start trading.

You can start making the alleged profits in the next hour if you register an account now. The only thing that can delay the account setup is identity verification. Bitcoin Optimizer partner brokers mostly take 30 to 60 minutes to verify the identity of new account holders. While you can proceed to live trading before verification, you won’t be able to make withdrawals.

Another thing worth noting is that this bot depends on select robot brokers to handle transactions and also execute orders. Any money deposited through Bitcoin Optimizer goes to these brokers. The brokers are well regulated and hence users guaranteed that their money is safe even if the robot or the broker fails to meet financial obligations.

Bitcoin Optimizer brokers also execute the orders received from the bot. They have special systems that ensure instant order execution and hence avoid slippage. In auto-trading, a small delay in order execution can result to enormous losses. Another role of these brokers is to provide leverage. Bitcoin Optimizer trades at a margin of up to 1:5000.

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