How Do You Choose a Rewards Card?

To determine which rewards credit card is best for you, focus on your spending habits and your redemption goals. See which of these descriptions match up best with you. 

  • Cash-back card: You don’t travel frequently and prefer cash rewards.
  • General travel rewards card: You want to earn rewards you can use for different airline, hotel, and car rental companies.
  • Airline card: You travel a few times a year, stick with one major airline or alliance, and want VIP treatment.
  • Hotel card: You travel frequently and like to stay with one specific hotel chain.  
  • Retail card: You regularly shop at the same retailer and want to receive rewards for your loyalty.

Here’s another summary of our top picks for rewards credit cards:

Best Rewards Credit Cards
Credit CardCategoryAnnual Fee
HSBC Cash Rewards MastercardBest Overall$0
HSBC Cash Rewards MastercardBest for Simple Cash-Back Rewards$0
Wells Fargo Propel American Express CardBest for Earning Different Levels of Cash Back$0
Discover it SecuredBest for Less-Than-Perfect Credit$0
Chase Sapphire Preferred CardBest Travel Card With an Annual Fee Under $100$95
Chase Sapphire ReserveBest for Luxury Travelers$550
Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit CardBest Travel Card With No Annual Fee$0
Capital One Spark Cash Credit CardBest Business Cash Credit Card$0
Ink Business Preferred Credit CardBest Business Travel Card $95

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