How Do I Choose Between Bitcoin Debit Cards?

As bitcoin debit cards all work in pretty much the same way, the main differences between them are:

  • The companies backing them
  • The fees charged
  • The bitcoin wallet to which they are linked

As with all debit cards, there are major providers which are safer, as well as less well-known companies which may be more risky or even fraudulent. There are also various inactive cards which should, for obvious reasons, be avoided.

When choosing between them, you can either start by looking at the cards associated with your current wallet, or look at the various charges and open a wallet with the company which you feel gives you the best deal based on your circumstances and spending habits.

Key fee differences to look out for are whether you are charged per withdrawal/transaction or as a monthly fee.

You should also remember that the actual value of bitcoin fluctuates daily, the amount of bitcoin required to complete a specific transaction will also vary – therefore you should keep an eye on your bitcoin wallet daily to ensure you have sufficient funds to complete the transaction and pay the applied charges.

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