How Can You Accumulate Rewards Faster?

Maximize your rewards by accumulating as many points as possible while staying within your budget. Don’t overspend just for points. In fact, carrying a balance month to month will quickly erase any benefit you earn.

Assuming that you’re paying your bill in full each month, here are a few strategies for earning the most rewards possible:

  • Earn the sign-up bonus:Many rewards cards offer a large bonus up-front if you spend a certain amount in the first three months of card opening. A cash-back card usually gives a statement credit; with travel rewards cards, you’ll get a lump sum of points. 
  • Consider pairing different kinds of rewards cards:If you have a cash-back card that earns 5% on groceries but only 1% on everything else, you may want to use a second 2% flat-rate card for all non-grocery purchases.
  • Pay recurring bills on your card:If you have to pay your cable and phone bill anyway, why not get points or cash back? The same goes for car insurance, subscriptions, and other regular expenses. Just be sure to check that you won’t be charged a fee for paying with a credit card.
  • Boost points with additional cardholders:Add partners or grown children as authorized users, so that multiple people will be earning points on the same account. But be mindful that the primary account holder is responsible for all charges, so only add authorized users that you completely trust.

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