Getting started with the Bitcoin Optimizer robot

Trading with Bitcoin Optimizer is simple and fun. Simply open the license-free account and watch as the robot works for you. A deposit of $250 is enough to get you a supposed daily income of up to $1000. But this is not to mean that you can’t lose money.

Like any other robot that trades on margin, Bitcoin Optimizer comes at significant risk. It is therefore important that you only deposit what you can afford to lose. It’s foolhardy to deposit your entire savings with a robot that trades on margin. We insist that you get started with not more than $250 and reinvest all your income.

Bitcoin Optimizer is not available in all countries. Try the robot here or read our review of Bitcoin Evolution for an alternative.

STEP ONE: Registration

The registration process with Bitcoin Optimizer is self-explanatory. Visit their homepage and register your details in the form displayed on the top right corner. Ensure that the details you submit are accurate. You will be required to verify your phone number and email through SMS and clicking a link sent via mail.

Bitcoin Optimizer does not share users’ information without their permission. The bot is compliant with data protection measures such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

STEP TWO: ID and proof of address verification

After registration, you will be prompted to verify ID and prove your current residence. You need to upload a photo of both sides of your government-issued identity card. Moreover, you will be asked to upload a photo of a recent utility bill or bank statement with your address displayed on top. The whole process should not take more than an hour.

Authorities across the globe have made it a requirement for any firm handling deposits to verify the identity of its users. This is in a bid to avoid money laundering. Any broker who does not ask to verify your ID is likely a sham.

STEP THREE: Deposit the minimum capital

You need a capital investment of at least 250 bucks to trade with Bitcoin Optimizer. This amount is more than enough for a beginner trader. There are traders who have allegedly turned such a low deposit to hundreds of thousands of dollars using this robot. For the record, Bitcoin Optimizer can supposedly give a ROI of up to 300% daily.

We haven’t done a live test on this bot but from what consumers report, there is a high likelihood that this bot hits the alleged profitability. Bitcoin Optimizer accepted deposit methods include Wire Transfer, Western Union, major debit and credit cards, and e-wallets such as Skrill, WebMoney and Neteller.

STEP FOUR: Demo and live trading

Bitcoin Optimizer provides a fully intuitive demo and live-trading platforms. The role of the demo account is to help you get acquainted with the features in the live account. Going live before practising is likely to result in costly mistakes. In auto-trading, a small settings mistake can lead to devastating losses.

Ensure that you read the Bitcoin Optimizer free trading guide before going live. One area that you should focus on during demo trading is risk management. Test how different levels of risk affect trading and determine what works best for you.

If you are a complete beginner, it is better that you leave the risk management settings at default. This bot comes set at a risk per trade of 10% which is the recommended level of risk-averse traders.

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