Ethereum transaction prediction

Ethereum has flourished as a result of the cryptocurrency boom in recent years. After the massive profits of some of the early users of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention. Ethereum’s market capitalization increased to $4 billion in 18 months after launching Ethereum in the fall of 2015.

Everyone wants a share, and this has created a special market value that some people find difficult to justify. Due to the unpredictable future of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, it remains a relatively risky asset to trade.

As venture capitalist, Tim Draper said, “This is very similar to what happened when the Internet was invented. It could be more than we’ve seen. On the other hand, JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Morgan, maybe closer to the goal when he said cryptocurrency is more than “fraud” (which led to a 10% drop in bitcoin prices).

Who among these two financial experts is right will be decided in the next few years as governments and businesses try to find a place and regulate cryptocurrency in the modern world. While this makes long-term investments in Ethereum risky, Ethereum’s outstanding trading volatility and volume make it a rich hunting ground for day traders.

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