Download MT4 From Different Locations

Brokers offer all possible versions for the MT4 platform. They custom the offer based on the operating system a trader has. Therefore, there’s a version for every operating system, and a web-based option, as well.

When on the broker’s web page, the trader is prompted to download the platform on his/her desktop. Like any download, traders must choose the location on the drive. Nothing unusual so far!

However, some traders operate different strategies and use the MetaTrader 4 platform for various purposes and with different trading accounts too.

Some of them are denominated in different currencies, or simply traders run multiple strategies, so there’s the need of having multiple MT4 platforms on the same computer.

If that’s the case, the trip is to download the trading platform multiple types. But, every time you do that, choose a different folder for its location. Or, if you want to keep it under the same folder, only change the name of the subfolder.

With every download, a new shortcut appears on the desktop, highlighting the number of MT4 platforms on the computer.

Remember: You can have multiple MT4 platforms from the same broker that have the same trading account. How cool is that!

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