Customer Service at Credit Unions vs. Banks

The service depends, in part, on the overall culture of the organization. The quality of your interactions with staff may also depend on whom you’re talking to on any given day.

That said, credit unions and small banks are known for providing a more highly personalized level of customer service compared to large banks. With fewer customers and employees, it may be easier for everyone to get to know each other. There’s a good chance you’ll work with the same people each time you visit a branch, and you may develop lasting relationships. Those relationships can potentially make it easier to resolve issues with your accounts.

At large banks, expect a more consistent but less personalized experience. Employees are more likely to have completed a comprehensive training program with rigid protocols for dealing with service issues, giving them little flexibility to accommodate your unique needs.

Participating credit unions also provide service at shared branches, allowing you to visit the branches of other participating credit unions nationwide. You can make deposits and withdrawals at those branches, as well as make transfers and payments, but you may need to work with your local credit union on more complex issues.

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