Taxation on Ethereum

Another factor to consider is taxes. Buying and selling Ethereum in Hong Kong can cost you much more than buying and selling Ethereum in other countries of the world. To start Ethereum’s day trading, you must first study your country’s tax rules. Otherwise, you may lose some profits unnecessarily due to unfavorable tax rules. Find out what taxes and amounts you need to pay depending on the country where you are located.

Regulation for Ethereum trading

Buying and selling Ethereum in India and Singapore may differ from buying and selling Ethereum in Australia and the Philippines. It’s primarily about regulation. Crypto coins become vulnerable to big hits when countries and businesses urgently respond to growing markets. For example, in September 2017, the Chinese government announced a ban on the collection of funds for crypto projects through initial coin offerings (ICOs). As a result, Ether trading fell 23%.

Despite the ban on ICOs in China and South Korea, ether trade continues to increase in Malaysia, South Africa, the UAE, the UK, and Europe. Japan is playing an important role in this revival. Resellers, airlines, and hotels have started using cryptocurrency as a payment method. No other region on Earth is close to adopting cryptocurrency like Japan.

So, before you buy Ethereum in Canada, Dubai, or anywhere else, you’ll find out what is happening in the country and how it plans to regulate virtual currency. Otherwise, you may be in an expensive situation.

When you get a green light, take a look at specialized trading platforms. For example, some Ethereum markets and platforms in India are optimized for Ether trading. If you want to make Ethereum your main trading choice, you can find a custom platform that offers faster speeds and more competitive spreads.

Technical analysis

Day trading is great for traders who hone their competitive edge To incorporate these benefits, you need to be able to make market decisions primarily based on price charts. Mastering Ethereum transaction analysis takes time and practice. Create a demo account to familiarize yourself with basic and pattern mapping. This simulator is funded with virtual currency so you can eliminate mistakes before placing real money.


Volatility measures the difference in the price of a specific financial instrument (e.g. Ethereum) over time. According to history, the price of Ethereum fluctuated by more than 31% during the day. Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility. This means more risk, but it offers smart traders a great opportunity to make money. So, look at the data, which are signal patterns that show signs of a volatile market.

Trade News and Forum

The virtual currency world is fragile, so you need to catch up with new developments. When shopping during the day with Ethereum, you should do your best to find and maintain the benefits. Here are some of the news resources and discussion forums to help you stay up to date with all the latest information related to Ethereum.

  • Business Insider
  • Coin Desk
  • Street
  • Coin Telegraph
  • Cryptocoin News
  • CNBC
  • Quora
  • Brave new coin
  • Crypto Insider
  • Reddit

Our Ethereum trading tips

The price hike associated with Ethereum’s success means that mistakes can be costly. One piece of advice for Ethereum day traders is to keep speed in mind.

Ethereum is gaining momentum quickly, and if it doesn’t react quickly, it can lose more than it loses from rising prices. Timing is everything. You can jump $6 and buy it again for $3 lower, but before you jump $10 it only drops to $4. Then you can’t even drop at the price you sold. So, if you want the next price increase, you’ll have to buy again a few dollars more than what you sold.

Ethereum transaction prediction

Ethereum has flourished as a result of the cryptocurrency boom in recent years. After the massive profits of some of the early users of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention. Ethereum’s market capitalization increased to $4 billion in 18 months after launching Ethereum in the fall of 2015.

Everyone wants a share, and this has created a special market value that some people find difficult to justify. Due to the unpredictable future of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, it remains a relatively risky asset to trade.

As venture capitalist, Tim Draper said, “This is very similar to what happened when the Internet was invented. It could be more than we’ve seen. On the other hand, JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Morgan, maybe closer to the goal when he said cryptocurrency is more than “fraud” (which led to a 10% drop in bitcoin prices).

Who among these two financial experts is right will be decided in the next few years as governments and businesses try to find a place and regulate cryptocurrency in the modern world. While this makes long-term investments in Ethereum risky, Ethereum’s outstanding trading volatility and volume make it a rich hunting ground for day traders.