What is a bitcoin robot?

What is a bitcoin robot?

A bitcoin robot is a computer program powered by sophisticated algorithms made out of the trading techniques used by professional bitcoin traders. Most bitcoin robots are invented by crypto trading gurus who have supposedly made millions trading bitcoin. These gurus automate their trading strategies by coding them into a computer program. The goal is to have the computer program conduct all trading on their behalf.

While most do not share their programs with the public, a few do in the aim of attracting huge deposits and charging commissions on the earnings made. The best bitcoin robots are usually in high demand with some attracting billions of dollars in investment.

Bitcoin robots trading techniques include short-selling, an approach that enables users to speculate on falling prices. This means that users still generate earnings even when the markets are plummeting. Moreover, the best bots rely on artificial intelligence to enable the bot to adapt to changing market conditions.

Through a subset of AI known as Natural Language Processing, bitcoin robots are able to read human language. This means that they can trade news with an alleged accuracy level of up to 99.4%. But this is not to mean that the bots are risk-free. A slight miscalculation can lead to enormous losses and hence traders should always take precaution.

Bitcoin robots are usually 100% auto. This means that users do not require any expertise to trade with them. Bitcoin robots eliminate all the hassles involved in buying or trading bitcoin manually. Moreover, they eliminate the human emotions of fear and greed in trade. Warren Buffet, the world best value investor once said that fear and greed are the biggest barriers to successful trading.

Best bitcoin robots for 2021

We have tested the robots listed below and found them to be trustworthy. Moreover, feedback from users confirms the alleged profitability. We also rate them highly on ease of use, deposit and withdrawals and customer service. Here is a list of the 10 best bitcoin trading robots in 2021. You can click any of them to read a comprehensive review.


Bitcoin Revolution

Crypto Engine

Crypto CFD Trader

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro 

Bitcoin Optimizer

Profit Secret

Crypto Profit

Bitcoin Union

Bitcoin Circuit

Wealth Matrix

Bitcoin Pro

Crypto Legacy Pro

Bitcoin Era

Crypto Cash

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Rejoin

Crypto Method

Bitcoin Up

We rate these robots as top 10 given their alleged profitability and superior technologies. For instance, Cryptosoft can allegedly give a return on investment (ROI) of up to 400% daily. Some of the reviews we have seen indicate that this bot can convert a deposit of $250 to over $10000 in less than a month.

The BTC bots in our top ten list are also among the oldest in the industry. This means that they have been around for long enough to be considered as highly trustworthy. The likes of Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Era were founded years before the crypto boom.