Can you get rich from Bitcoin Robots?

an you get rich from Bitcoin Robots?

The best trading robots have a supposed return on investment of up to 400%. This means that it is possible to build significant wealth through a bitcoin robot. Some of the legit robots listed above have supposedly made some of their users’ millionaires. Even better, some can allegedly turn a $250 deposit to over a million in less than a year of live trading. This is possible when at least 90% of all profits are reinvested.

Even the best bitcoin bots come at a degree of risk. It is therefore prudent to only trade with a capital amount you can afford to lose. We have found sad stories of people who lost their entire savings or their children college fund to trading robots.

It is imprudent to commit a lot of money to a trading bot that trades on leverage of up to 1:5000. The best trading robots have risk minimization features such as the Negative Balance Protection but remain risky nonetheless.

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