Bitcoin robot scams updated list 2021

For the keen eye, scam bitcoin robots are not hard to detect. Firstly, the information they present on their website is usually unverifiable. Secondly, their customer service is not reachable through phone or any other method that can be traced.

Moreover, the scam bitcoin robots usually partner with sham offshore brokers. These brokers have a poor online reputation and are not regulated. Here are some scam robots that you should avoid in 2021.

Crypto Robot 365

Semantic Investment App

Crypto Edge System

Bitcoin Secret

Crypto Method

Aussie Formula

Automated Crypto System


Crypto Crash Fortune


Bitcoin University

Quantum AI

ICO Money Maker

There are a lot of complaints about each of the above robots and therefore it is advisable that you stay away from them. The main aim of sham bots is to still your deposit. This implies that they are willing to do anything to get you to deposit more money.

As mentioned in the introduction, at least 90% of all trading robots are a scam. The scam bitcoin robot 2021 list is, therefore, longer than this. Do not register with a trading robot without enough proof that it is legit. Feel free to request for any robot review in the comment section below.

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