Bitcoin auto-trading strategies

While most bitcoin bots are fully auto, there are several things that users can do to get good results out of them. These include:

  • Trade during Eastern Daylight Time – Wall Street is usually open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm ET. This is the best time to trade with bitcoin robots given the volatility that results from the bitcoin derivatives that are traded in the market.
  • Start small – Deposit what you can comfortably lose. A deposit of $250 is a great starting point for beginner traders. Starting small allows you the peace of mind to observe how the bot responds to different market conditions and come up with a robust trading guide.
  • Trade for at least eight hours daily – Bitcoin robots perform better when left to run for at least 8 hours daily. You should avoid keeping checking your account given that this is likely to cause excitement or anxiety and hence end trading sessions prematurely. The top ten bitcoin robots listed in this review have a supposed accuracy level of 90% which means that the chances of reporting a loss by the end of an 8-hour trading session are minimal.

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